A collection of videos and music

Pastor Scotty  at Waunita Ranch 2014.

"A lot like Peter"

Interupted by a cattle drive!

Pastor Scotty  at Waunita Ranch 2014.

"Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"

Pastor Scotty  at Waunita Ranch 2014.

Singing "Touch of the Masters hand"

Pastor Scotty Singing "Colorado Sky"

the Flying W Ranch

One year after the Waldo Canyon Fire

Pastor Scotty and "Two in the Saddle"

2013 western family gathering

"When the cowboys sing again"

Pastor Scotty with our good friends the English Brothers.

2013 Western Family Gathering.

Birthday tribute to our pastor and his Journey.

The Special Service where we reveal our new Building !! 5-3-15

Church Members say thank you after the fire.

Nazarene Bible College

Pastor Scotty talks about the AdVantage program.

Singing pot belly stove 

Pastor Scotty and grandaughters christmas 2013.